Most organizations have technical  insurance needs during their existence considering the fact that  Machines , Boilers and technical installations can break down and this can have significant financial consequences for businesses and operators. 

On the other hand there are specific needs for specific organizations such as  Housing Developers, Energy Generation, water treatment,  mining , builders and in general, any company that has production processes in which the proper functioning of the machinery is essential for the continuity of the business.

Builders for example may be sure to have all properties under construction covered for every kind of risk including earthquake of Natural Phenomenom and in case of the installation of any kind of equipment

  • Construction all Risk (CAR)
  • Erection all Risk (EAR)
  • All-risk coverage for Boiler and Machinery Breakdown
  • All-Risk coverage for electronic equipment
  • Advanced Loss Of Profit (ALOP) As a complement for CR and EAR coverages